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New Home Interior Design – Edmonton

Elena Bondina is a professional interior designer with ten years of experience. Her main task is to make your new home interior design not only beautiful and stylish but also functional and comfortable.

Turning to Elena Bondina for the new home interior design project, you get an individual approach, prompt, and high-quality execution of the order.


Mark, Cleveland


I have been working with Elena on a bathroom remodel design. She was thoughtful, patient, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Elena listened to our ideas and helped us find just the perfect match for our style and price range. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Emma, Denver


Elena designed not only an amazing kitchen but also a laundry room for us. She talked through her layout plans and was responsive to our change requests. We’re thrilled with the thoughtfulness of the design and his customer care.

Kate, Edmonton


I was renovating a smaller kitchen. Elena was excellent at presenting different layouts with our ideas in mind. I got a design that was far better than I could have expected, and she helped us stay within budget. Thank you for the wonderful design!

Emily, Hamilton

Elena designed a terrific kitchen for me which opened up the existing space and made kitchen cozy and functional. I would recommend Elena Bondina!

Ethan, Nashville


It was a real pleasure working with Elena. She designed a beautiful and extremely functional quality bathroom. Working with Elena was a very positive and pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Elena Bondina.

Alicja, Warsaw


I loved working with Elena. She designs an interior that fits you and your style. She stays within budget. My bedroom is perfect. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an interior designer.


New Home Interior Design - Edmonton 1 New Home Interior Design - Edmonton - Interior Design

Individual search solutions for your interior. Approach with full responsibility to the task. Timing and feedback.

New Home Interior Design - Edmonton 2 New Home Interior Design - Edmonton - Interior Design

The reality of the project. I try to develop the design in such a way that it does not remain only on paper, but to apply what is possible to find in stores, or to execute under the order.

New Home Interior Design - Edmonton 3 New Home Interior Design - Edmonton - Interior Design

Support of the project from the beginning to the end. As well as advice on issues arising in the course of work.


You’re only 5 steps away from having your interior dreams fulfilled!

1. Meeting & consultation

Contact me in any way convenient to arrange an appointment. We can meet at my office or directly at your property. The second option is great for discussing and developing sketches of future interior design right from the start. At this stage, I carefully listen to the wishes and requirements of the customer to define the technical task and get the general idea of what the style, color solutions, and the purpose of the room should be.

Feel free to share your thoughts: show me the photos or drawings of the interiors you like, and I will be able to offer sketches that suit your taste and preferences best. Your ideas are my inspiration.

2. Room measuring

At the second stage, we gather the information about room measurements, determine the areas and functionality of each individual zone, consider options for the furniture layout, and so on.

3. Discussion of ideas and concepts

Once the technical task is ready, I create sketches with interior design options. I will show you several variants and ask to make the choice and express your opinion. At this stage, we also select finishing materials, furniture, colors and the overall content of the room. The result is a sketch that serves as the foundation of our 3D visualization model.

4. Development of sketches and drawings

According to the approved concept, I design furniture, walls, floors and ceilings, think over the transition of zones and elements. Based on the package of drawings of the house / apartment, I perform 3D visualization of the project which will give customer a better insight into the design of interior before the start of repair works. At the stage of digital interior design, we think over the smallest details and make necessary adjustments.

For 3D visualization, I can use materials and furniture that are available for order and can be selected according to your budget.

5. Repair and control

Now when you have a fully developed interior design project, it’s time to start the repair! I can control the implementation of the project at every stage of repair works and recommend you a few great repair firms.

Then please write me here or in any messenger below! Thank you!

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